We haven't been out of slavery longer than we were in it

That is the balance that needs to be studied.  At that point, our black scholars need to reach out to us with the fact, we need to seek the facts.


this blog was inspired by the god box lecture series by David Banner and his 2017 interview with the breakfast club.  As much as I personally don't favor Charlemagne he understands Chad vision of loving the south, even from NY.


As I listened to Goodie Mob station on Pandora a time came back when consciousness was hidden in music white people didn't want to listen to.  Andre 3000 was the mentor, not Jay-z, Tupac, or Biggie.  A David Banner lecture would be what we all need for FREE on Facebook to get your attention.  White privilege reigns because they never gave it away. Black Privilege suffers trying to prevail because we give it away at every turn for a "bag".


White people in America (I cant speak for other parts of the world, I haven't traveled much outside of the western hemisphere; which is culture in itself) have gotten a glimpse of our worldly consciousness and our spirit and they want it.  It has always appealed to them,, They discovered what they know from us, so how dare you give them any more that what they have stolen form us.


If one generation decided to only apply and go to HBCU's how powerful could we be, how much more powerful could we be.  I was forced into ECU, I applied and was accepted to WSSU (both in NC, look it up) by my own parents (fathers) ignorance to allow me the skills to navigate well (only well) in white culture, but I was too hood.  To real, to true to my own soul.  My husband taught me to play chess, but what if we owned the chess board.  The game is relevant.  Don't sent our biggest and brightest to white corporation, have them come to us or build.  Suffer for 5 more year after 100 plus years, we must. Even the bible says we have to suffer to see GOD.


"You get it how you live".  How do you live? Are you setting the right foundation? Have we shown our children failure so that they have hope.  TF&D Services, Long & Son, shit Trump!  If I grind, why tell my kid they have to grind too.  Start them now!  Start them here!  The cycle can stop but we have to move as one.  It should be easier for them whether you are successful or not, because you have the knowledge and you know better (via google).


Our vested interested in white America holds our children back.  Whether we understand the logistics or not; we know better.  We have to show our kids something new.  White supremacy pays sellouts with no culture, or a stalk raving nigga that they can point and laugh at just like black face on stage getting a standing ovation.  The real ones in the middle are fighting for their own lives and our trust.


Side Note: I love how he discusses the north (NY) was a different lifestyle, a nd you would never understand the south if you weren't there.  The south didn't understand 64's and gang life in LA.  Its all relevant and we need to know.


DB says he wants to see something that doesn't exist, me too DB, me too!  I want to see my own spirit and I want to see GOD.


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