Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle - 2018 Hustle Album of the year

This is probably as in edited as it can be and just written.  I was motivated by listening to the Nipsey Hussle album, which is OLD, I know.  But He is the NO Limit of the west nigga.  Congrats to Laruen by the way for a real one, broken up or not, you are blessed to have had him in your presence.  So, can real recognize real even through  music, images, YouTube, crypto-motivation and what the media gives me.  I say YES, Yes I Can.  Last time that I checked….this nigga is the truth.  I cant quite yet support the claim on the Tupac of our time, but I’m not a critic, just a real person.  Im this day in age I am the critic.


Aside from possessing the cute jean that Snoop almost inherited but missed with his contagious personality (because we gave a 30 yr old snoop cute because he was so charming, and real), Nipsey has a west coast style that hasn’t been seen since the Dogg pound, but without the visual media presented Dogg Pound.  YG is enough on the “last time” single to validate him as being 4hunnid approved.  That along was approval for me.  However, Nipsey was the reason I invested in crypto.  The geeky white boy on you tube had all the instructions and white shit, but Nipsey gave you the real,  Problem was I was too late (but still invested, let me check Geocoin by the way)! 


The album plays on in the background as I type (so yes, I will listed like 8 more times, before I compare this to Jeezy

S Thug motivation 101.  Which is the only thing it can be compared to in a sense of realness.  I’m not out West, haven’t been to visit fam in Oakland in years, but I don’t know of the streets he talked about on the songs, fox hills…never been.  But the Jhene Aiko video was enough to make you wished you were inhaling the Cali sun with Nipsey and Lauren ( an Jhene). 


I’m a Charlotte native, maybe the only one that doesn’t feel J. Cole.  Wait I feel him, he’s just not anywhere near my top 10, but Nipsey at first listen is it!  Nipsey is a wise version of Bankroll fresh.  So I posed the question how does a South nigga and a west coast nigga relate.  That’s all that’s ever been on my radar.  Ever! NY is out of the question, no JayZ’s for me, that’s why you had to make Lemonade fucking with a damn Jay-Z


If you ain’t been on your shit, you need motivation and a push to your ambition button this album is it.  I haven’t felt this feeling in my soul since Jeezy and he was holding down a whole organization.  “To many chains, need another chest”, Lord have mercy.  It conveys his understanding of wealth. 


Dedication…shit, I sell MaryKay and this nigga make me wanna marry him and go out and book a damn party…Tonight!  Kendrick is sprinkled all over this album which is equivalent to Andre 3000 who is in ever south native top 3, frfr.  Their truth cant be matched or compared to those in the game who honor them by having them on the track.  Kendrick and Andre are an honor to meet, to speak with, to feel, and to have push the message with you.  In fact with not 1 full undivided listen I can say I wont concur on the Tupac of this time claim because he cannot be compared.  The times make it hard.  Its like comparing Jesus to MLK.  Uhm hmm, MLK cheated and errthang!  No comparison.  But so refreshing not to hear about bags, VVS’s, thots and side bitches.  And great to see Acne jeans, he put you on, cut the check…Nigga!


We don’t know the story, but let’s pause and pray.  I pray that Nipsey and Lauren work it out.  Her dimples have never told a happier a story that when she smiles in pictures next to you.  Coming from someone who actually would have awarded Wayne best rapper alive when the Carter 5 dropped, over Jay Z any day, she leveled up moving to real nigga like Nipsey.  If its on you girl, wake up and woman up.


This I not a review, just a rambling of a high mind, high off this Nipsey album,  All the way from the south, Charlotte NC to be exact.  Where haters hate too much for a real nigga to see mainstream media or radio.  They end up dead or in jail, or married to a bitch like me.  I challenge Nipsey on his next album to infuse his most influential bible quote.  I often seek way in which I can be a disciple and I don’t know, but he has the platform I hope he take the motivation.  The beats and production are Zaytoven on his grind meets Suge Knight had he been born a man of integrity.    Its like DJ Drama when T.I. was 100% in love with Tiny and was totin’ guns comfortably.  Its Trick Daddy when he put Trina on and made his borther proud and put Dade county on the map for the world to see.  Its what white folks can’t recreate, even if they spent they first mill trying 😊 My bad, “Almost forgot what I been doing”.


Dedicated to Charles A Torrence Jr. and Charles A Torrence III.

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