In a Trance

In a Trance

I could see the door despite the haze and darkness; and the reflection of a flame glowing I the background.  Like a scene from a movie, it appeared to be the “further” and I was right in the midst of it.  There were only shadows and no definite forms, yet I knew what everything was.  I didn’t know where I was, but I felt exactly where I was, and even with all the uncertainty I drew nearer the small door and preceded through it without caution.

I never felt fear or hesitation, and as I looked down I could see the souls of the lost ones reaching up at my feet; but not my feet because they were not there.  I was floating, gliding, soaring across the darkness, but I knew that I was not alone.  I looked all over but I could only see what I was being shown.

When I woke up, I felt so much clarity from the experience.  I began to think and I realized I was never sleep only high, and maybe seeing more than I had ever seen on earth in that moment of conscious unconsciousness.  I couldn’t wait for him (Charles) to wake up so that I could tell him what I saw, how it made me feel, and what I thought it meant.  In those moments lying in bed looking up at the ceiling I felt an unprecedented feeling of joy, at that moment it felt as if it would never go away and that I had once in for all captured the joy of what was not life on earth.

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